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UNCSA History

Facts and information about the history of the UNCSA campus and programs.

Time Capsule #21

May 3rd, 2013

The loss of UNCSA’s third Chancellor, Robert C. Suderburg, within a month of his predecessor, Robert E. Ward, left us feeling our age this week and punctuated the fact that UNCSA is approaching its half century mark. The school was barely a decade into its existence when Bob Suderburg arrived; however, his legacy is forever engraved in our history. At 38 years old, Bob Suderburg was the youngest Chancellor ever to serve. Few recall the excitement and anticipation of his arrival, however, the Archives holds a copy of the student newspaper, NC Essay, which put out an oversize EXTRA edition when the announcement of his appointment was made. As you read it, try to recall the context of the period when the Vietnam War and Watergate were ending, the US was facing its first Energy Crisis and President Gerald Ford was pardoning the draft dodgers and Richard Nixon. In spite of the pall which lay over the country, the students and faculty at NCSA exulted in their prospects for the future.

Click the link below to read the 1974 NC Essay article regarding Suderburg's appointment: