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UNCSA History

Facts and information about the history of the UNCSA campus and programs.

Time Capsule #1

September 21st, 2012

Beginning this week, the Archives will begin a celebration of UNCSA’s rich history by sharing an item of interest from our collections through EFE and the Archives Facebook page. It is our hope that all of you will enjoy this look back and perhaps will develop a stronger appreciation for who we are and from whence we have come.

The focus this week is the very first NCSA Newsletter published in April 1966 for the campus community. The enormity of the challenges faced by the founders of the School are noteworthy when we consider today that every one of those challenges was met with the utmost success. The significance of the Ford Foundation in our history cannot be underscored enough. Other stories discuss the founding faculty, the first student auditions, the choice of Winston Salem as a home and the makeover of Gray High School for the School’s opening in September of 1965, and after all, the loan of four priceless Amati stringed instruments by the Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, D.C., (more on the saga of the Amati instruments next week).