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The only limit is your creativity!

Welcome to the MakerSpace!

The MakerSpace is available to UNCSA students, to access tools, learn new skills, and create things both for academic and personal purposes. Perishable materials strictly provide to students' nonprofit project only. Production and class projects take priority. Any reservation will take priority over walk-in, walk-in will be at first come first serve basis. As MakerSpace is an all student run creative lab, our facilitators have required class assignment to go, please be courtesy of our opening time and plan your project ahead of time. 


Email the Makerspace at with any questions!

Makerspace Ground Rules

Prep Yourself

  • Before your first visit, fill out a waiver for each of the MakerSpace equipment types you wish to use. These include agreements for general MakerSpace rules.
  • Each individual equipment need to fill in separate waiver, please be aware which machine you would like to use and book. 
  • If you don't know which equipment is best for your project, please book a General Visit on our reservation website. Our Facilitators will more than happy to guide you through with your projects.
  • Safety First! 
    • Wear necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • We do not permit to use spray paint in our space. 
    • No loose hair or clothing when working with power tools
    • Use only the tools you know how to use — get instruction for those you don't
    • Report broken equipment
  • Keep a positive attitude; be courteous and respectful of the space and other makers.
  • Be on time.
  • Bring your materials if requires.
  • For large plotter print request, please make sure your file is finished edition and at PDF format. 
  • Ask for help with anything!

Prep Your Space

  • Use only the supplies you need.
  • Make reservation on the equipment you want to use.
  • First timers, make an hour-long reservation with the equipment. Our facilitators will be with you and the machine you would like to know about. 
  • Paint and liquids should stay near the sink and away from electronics.
  • Protect your workspace surfaces; Use cutting mats when working with knives and sharp tools and plastic or towels when working with liquids. When in doubt, use extra precautions.
  • Keep it clean and clean after yourself.  

Have Fun!

  • Get out of your comfort zone!
  • Challenge yourself!
  • Keep trying!

What you can do in MakerSpace!

Here are some projects that MakerSpace helped students build past year! 

Enron Set Model: used 3D printer, Epson Plotter and Glowforge Laser Cutter. (Credit to Ben Hirschfield)


Hellboy Cosplay : used 3D print, Dremel, hand tools and craft supply. ( Credit to Barret Bailey)