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The only limit is your creativity!

Welcome to the MakerSpace!

The Maker Movement Manifesto

Here you'll find important information to do with our MakerSpace. Navigate the tabs on the left for information on —

  • Available equipment
  • Available software
  • MakerSpace personnel
  • Scheduling a class or consultation


The MakerSpace is available to all UNCSA students, faculty, and staff to access tools, learn new skills, and create things both for academic and personal purposes. Class projects take priority.


Email the Makerspace at with any questions.

Makerspace Ground Rules

Prep Yourself

  • Safety First
    • Wear necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • No loose hair or clothing when working with power tools
    • Use only the tools you know how to use — get instruction for those you don't
    • Report broken equipment
  • Keep a positive attitude; be courteous and respectful of the space and other makers
  • Be on time
  • Bring your materials
  • Ask for help with anything!

Prep Your Space

  • Use only the supplies you need
  • Paint and liquids should stay near the sink and away from electronics
  • Protect your workspace surfaces; se cutting mats when working with knives and sharp tools and plastic or towels when working with liquids. When in doubt, use extra precautions
  • Keep it clean

Have Fun!

  • Get out of your comfort zone!
  • Challenge yourself!
  • Keep trying!