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UNCSA History

Facts and information about the history of the UNCSA campus and programs.

Campus Architecture


Date Opened

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Gray Building


Architects: Northrup & O’Brien Architects
Originally built as South Jr. High: September 1929 
South High: 1935 
James A. Gray High: 1940 
Renovations: 1938 - Northrup & O’Brien
1950 - Gymnasium & DeMille Theatre, Macklin & Stinson
1965 - NCSA, Lashmit, Brown and Pollock/ Synergetics

Sanford and Moore Dorms

Groundbreaking: January 1965

Opened: 1 September 1965

Architects: Lashmit, Brown and Pollock/ Synergetics
Lower Dorms

Groundbreaking: May 15, 1968

Opened: 3 October 1969

Architects: Hirshen, Van Der Ryn/ Colvin Hammill, Walters
Bahnson House/Chancellor’s Residence March 1970 Originally built in 1913
Student Commons 31 August 1970 Architects: Hirshen, Van Der Ryn/ Colvin, Hammill & Walters
Piazza Artom Dedication: 13 October 1971 Designed by and named for Bianca Artom, founding faculty member (Italian), 1966-1976
DeMille Theatre/Old Gray High School Gymnasium Dedication: 7 February 1975

Renovations: 1965, 1970, 1974

Trustees voted to name DeMille Theatre, April 1973

Crawford Hall Dedication: 3 December 1977

Renovation: Newman, Calloway, Johnson, Van Etten, Winfree; Robert B Newman, acoustics

Houses Sarah J Kenan Memorial Organ (Charles Fisk Organ)


Groundbreaking: 18 October 1975

Dedication: 26-29 April 1978

Architect: Hardy Holzman/Newman, Van-Etten, Winfree

James & Mary Semans Library (1978-2020)

Semans Arts and Administration Building (2020-present)

Opened: 5 January 1978

Dedication:  27 April 1978

Renovation: July 2020

Architect: Hardy Holzman/Newman, Van-Etten, Winfree

Designers (2020 renovation): Szostak Design

Administration Building

Purchased: August 1979

Opened: Fall 1980

Formerly Mack Truck Building, 1946
Bailey Street Apartments

Purchased: Fall 1979

Opened: 1984

Demolished: 2020

Stevens Center Dedication: 22-24 April 1983

Originally a silent movie theater, built 1929

Renovation Architect: Newman, Calloway, Johnson, Winfree

Alex Ewing Performance Place

Dedication: 9 November 1988

Renovation: September 2021

Architect: Calloway, Johnson, Moore
Pearce Laundry Building


Design & Production Building Dedication: 28 September 1991

Formerly Triad Mack Truck Sales & Service

Architect: Calloway, Johnson, Moore

Film Studio Village

Groundbreaking: 30 November 1995

Dedication: 16-18 April 1998

Architect: Backen, Arrigoni & Ross, CA/ Lee, Nichols, Hepler

Includes Production Complex, Exhibition Building, William Buck Building, Film Recording/Scoring Stage 

Sculpture Studio Dedication: 24 October 1998

Architect: Newman & Jones

Salem Springs Building/Physical Plant Purchased: December 1998  
Fitness Center Opened: 8 November 1999 Architect: Lee, Nichols, Hepler
Film Archives Building Opened: Fall 2000 Architect: Calloway, Johnson, Moore, West
Workplace West Complex Opened: January/August 2002

Formerly Our Lady of Mercy School.

Includes Academic House, Classroom Buildings, Development Offices, Public Relations Offices

Center Stage Apartments Opened: August 2002 Architect: Calloway, Johnson, Moore, West
Charlotte & Philip Hanes Student Commons Renovation & Daniels Plaza Dedication: 25 September 2003

Architect: Lee, Nichols, Hepler Architects

Landscape Design: Lappas + Havener

Watson Chamber Music Hall, School of Music Complex

Groundbreaking: 6 December 2001

Dedication: 25 October 2003

Architects: Calloway, Johnson, Moore, West; Acentech Acoustics; Rein Pirn Consultant
Sneden's Landing Dedication: 20 May 2005 Gift of alumni and friends of John Sneden
Overlook Terrace Completed: July 2005

Architect: Lappas + Havener

Gift of Clyde Fowler in memory of his parents

Office of Development Opened: Fall 2005 Originally built in 1920
Costume Shop Dedication: 8 October 2005 Architect: Calloway, Johnson, Moore, West
Welcome Center Dedication: 30 November 2005 Architect: Duda Paine P.A.
Chancellor's Residence Occupancy: July 2006

Architect: Walters Robb Callahan & Pierce Architects in conjunction with Beau Dancy Construction Company

Central Storage Building Opened: 20 March 2015 Architect: ADW Architects
Campus Police Operations Building Opened: July 2015 Architect: ADW Architects
Film Production New Media Building Opened: August 2015 Architect: BBH Design
Center for Design Innovation Dedication: 23 September 2015 Architect: CJMW Architecture
Library and Learning Commons Dedication: 24 September 2015 Architect: Pearce, Brinkley, Cease and Lee
Artist Village Residence Hall Opened: January 2022

Designers: LS3P

Construction Managers: Metcon