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Borrow and Request Materials

Borrowing UNCSA materials, lending policies, and billing; Purchase Requests and Interlibrary Loan.

Loan Periods & Renewal Limits

  Faculty / Staff Graduate Students College Students High School Students Public Patrons (limit 5 items)
Books 16 weeks 4 weeks
Scores: Open Stacks (M) 16 weeks 4 weeks
Scores: Sheet Music Shelving 16 weeks 8 weeks 4 weeks
Scores: Min Scores 16 weeks 4 weeks
Sound Recordings (CDs and Vinyl) 4 weeks 4 weeks (limit 10 items) 1 week (limit 2 items) In-Library Use Only
DVD/Blu-Ray 4 weeks 3 days (limit 3 items) In - Library Use Only
Reference Materials (music) 1 day In - Library Use Only
Reference Books  In - Library use only
Periodicals In - Library Use Only

Note that some materials, such as reference books, bound or single copy journals, magazines, and newspapers do not circulate - that is, may only be used in the library. All circulating materials are subject to recall if needed for the reserve desk or if requested by another borrower.