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Borrow and Request Materials

Borrowing UNCSA materials, lending policies, and billing; Purchase Requests and Interlibrary Loan.


Library materials are considered overdue when they are not returned by the due date.

Overdue Item and Billing Process

  • If an item is overdue and not returned on time, you will receive courtesy notices by email - after one week, then another one week later. 
  • If the material is not returned approximately three weeks after the due date, a bill will be sent to your campus email address. The bill will include a replacement charge (minimum $50) and a non-refundable $10 billing charge.
  • When you return the item, the item’s replacement charge is removed from your patron account; the $10 billing charge is not. 
  • Automatic blocks on library borrowing privileges will be invoked when charges exceed a given amount on a library record: $75 for students and $10  for public patrons.
  • If not returned, student charges will be transferred to Student Accounts for collection.  Any lingering charges at Student Accounts may prevent students from registering for the next term or impede post-graduation requests for grades or transcripts until paid.

Damaged Books

If you return a book damaged, it may produce a charge on your account.  Charges may range from $10 to several hundred dollars, depending on the item and whether the book must be mended or, if available, be replaced and reprocessed.

To find your due date

  • Sign In to your account in the top right corner of Once signed in, click on Your Name > My Loans
  • Contact the library

To renew materials

  • Renew online: Sign In in the top right corner > My Loans > Select items > Renew Selected

  • Bring the item to the library circulation desk (note: you must physically bring the item to renew it in person)

  • Items cannot be renewed by phone, email, or any other method

Additional Responsibilities

NOTE: The charges associated with an overdue notice are automatically generated when an item becomes overdue.  Because the overdue notice is a courtesy to the patron, failure to receive a notice, by email, campus mail or US Mail, or failure to check your UNCSA email or campus mail box is not sufficient reason to remove a billing charge from a bill.   You are responsible for the timely return or renewal of all items borrowed by you.

STUDENTS – If you do not intend to use your UNCSA email address, you are encouraged to forward your UNCSA email to your personal email address as the school uses it to communicate important information to you, including library notices of all kinds.