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Guide for filmmaking resources and research

Finding Filmmaking Resources in the Library

Use the LibrarySearch to search for filmmaking materials in the catalog, and our A-Z database List to browse electronic databases and collections.

On the third floor you can browse books about cinema and film studies under these headings:

  • PN 1992-1999 - Motion Pictures
  • PN 1993.5 - Film History
  • PN 1994.A1-.A5 - Laws, Regulations, etc
  • PN 1996 - Authorship, Scenario Writing, etc
  • PN 1997 - Individual Motion Pictures

You can also browse books about technical filmmaking under these headings:

  • TR 845 - 897.77 - Cinematography. Motion Pictures. Video Recording
  • TR 898 - Motion Pictures for Television, Editing Motion Pictures

Film Databases

Reference and Periodicals

Reference resources, bibliographies, and periodicals databases like these are ideal for a very broad overview of a topic, and can help you decide how to narrow down your search. They contain thousands of e-journals and articles that can be searched or browsed in your research.

Open Access Ebooks and Journals