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DVDs and Blu-Rays

What's in the collection?

  • The library has a growing collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays of over 8000 titles.
  • Search the library catalog below to find titles.


You can search our in-library collections by title, author, subject, or keyword below. Click Advanced Search for additional search criteria (like material type, language, year, etc.).

Tip: Keyword searches work great, but you can search for directors or actors specifically by name using the "Author" search or use a "Title" search to find films quickly.



How To Access and View Discs

  • All discs are available at the 4th floor circulation desk.
  • Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate and Graduate students may view the discs in the library or checkout up to 3 discs to take with them for up to one week. High School Students may view films in the library only.
  • There is a viewing room with stations to view films on the 4th floor. It is open whenever the library is open.
  • Additionally, Region Free DVD players are available for checkout.


  • Coming Soon
  • Swank Digital Campus
  • AVON Academic Video Online