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Records Management at UNC School of the Arts

This guide provides information and guidance for UNCSA employees with records management responsibilities.

Transfer Records to the University Archives

The UNCSA Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to records that the General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule designates as having permanent historical, fiscal, or legal value. Once records are transferred to the Archives, staff will organize and rehouse them as needed to provide good long-term storage, and create collection descriptions so that users have a sense of what is in the collection. If the records you transfer contain sensitive or confidential information, Archives staff will separate these items from the rest of the collection to restrict access for a legally-determined period of time.

Preparing Records for Transfer

  • Survey your records to ensure that they are classified as permanent records under the General Records Schedule, and are no longer needed for regular use in your office.
  • Remove duplicates - we have limited space and staff, and can keep no more than two copies of any given record. Removing duplicates before transfer will be a big help for the Archives staff.
  • Pack records in document boxes. If you need boxes, contact the Archives and we will bring you some. Please make sure records are in folders and that the folders are labeled - this is important information for Archives staff to identify and organize your records. Remove any hanging folders prior to packing. Try to pack folders in the same order in which they were filed in your office.
  • If you have oversized items, please do not bend, fold, or squeeze them into records boxes; let the Archives know and we will bring larger boxes.
  • Flag any records that contain confidential or sensitive information, but leave them in their original folders/order. This includes any digital storage media that may contain sensitive information - you may attach a piece of paper with further information to the storage device.
  • Schedule a time for the University Archivist to pick up your records.