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UNCSA Archives

The archives exists as the institutional memory of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Archives Collection Guides

The Archives collects material documenting the history of UNCSA. Collections are divided into two groups: Records Groups and Manuscript Collections. Record Groups consist of the historical records of the school dating from 1963 to the present, including minutes, reports, departmental files, personal and official correspondence, publications, sound and video recordings, event programs, photographic materials and other significant records generated in the day-to-day activities of the School. Manuscript Collections include material not produced directly by campus activities, but which relate to and illustrate the history of the school.

Guides to these collections, known as Finding Aids, describe the contents of a collection and can help you better understand the types of material in a collection and how they are organized. Finding aids for each collection are being prepared and will be made available on this page as they are completed.‚Äč

Please note that some collections or portions of collections may not be accessible because they are unprocessed, or because of the format of the material. Read more about using Archives material and contact the University Archivist to set up a time to view materials.

Records Groups Manuscript Collections

RG 1: Office of the Chancellor

RG 2: Office of the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Arts and Academic Programs

RG 3: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

RG 4: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Development and Public Relations

RG 5: Board of Trustees

RG 6: Foundation Board

RG 7: Board of Visitors

RG 8: Assistants to the Chancellor

RG 9: Office of Admissions

RG 10: Office of Registrar

RG 11: UNCSA Library

RG 12: Office of Financial Services

RG 13: Office of Human Resources

RG 14: Office of Purchasing

RG 17: Office of Public Relations

RG 20: Faculty Council

RG 21: UNCSA Committees

RG 23: School of Dance

RG 24: Photograph Collection

RG 25: School of Drama

RG 26: School of Music

RG 27: Publications Collection

RG 28: Office of Vice Chancellor for Student Life

RG 29: General Studies

RG 31: Reports

RG 32: Scrapbook Collection

RG 33: Poster Collection

RG 34: School of Design & Production / Visual Arts

RG 35: Oversize Photographs Collection

RG 37: Film Collection

RG 38: Video Collection

RG 39: Audio Collection

RG 41: Ephemera Collection

RG 42: Blueprints

RG 43: Stevens Center Collection

RG 44: Slide Collection

RG 45: Program Collection

RG 46: Promotional Material Collection

RG 47: Oral History Collection

RG 48: School of Filmmaking

MC 4: Piedmont Chamber Orchestra Collection

MC 5: International Music Program Collection

MC 6: Dr. James and Mary Semans Collection

MC 7: Festival Theatre Incorporated Collection

MC 8: Winston Salem Civic Music Association Collection

MC 9: Governor Terry Sanford Papers

MC 10: Mrs. Paul Muilenberg Papers

MC 11: Dr. Vittorio Giannini Collection

MC 12: Nananne Porcher Collection

MC 13: Gladys Swarthout Collection

MC 14: Jon Julian Collection

MC 15: Giorgio Ciompi Papers

MC 16: M. Patrick Byers '72 Collection (Music)

MC 17: Arturo Ciompi '73 Collection (Music)

MC 18: Edward Stierle '86 Collection (Dance)

MC 19: Betsy Friday '78 Collection (Dance)

MC 20: Sandra Williams '70 Collection (Dance)

MC 21: Larry Ropp Collection (Design & Production)

MC 23: Melissa Hayden Collection (Dance)

MC 24: Rosemary Harris Collection of Theater Programs

MC 25: UNCSA Associates Collection

MC 26: Christina Giannini Collection of Dance Costume Designs