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Library Resources for High School Students

Book Pull and Checkout Requests

Requests are now available through Librarysearch. Search results for on-campus materials allow logged-in users to request books, scores, and DVDs for pickup. Requested materials are held for you on the shelves on the 1st floor of the Library to the left of the new books display.  

  • Requests normally take 24 hours to be filled.
  • Materials are available for pickup after receiving a confirmation email from library staff.
  • Items are available for pickup for 10 days.

Make a Request

1. If media is available for pickup, a yellow banner will appear reminding you to sign in if you have not. Click "Sign in" and follow the instructions.

Screen capture of sign in reminder banner.

2. Once logged into your account, click on the blue 'Request' link.

Screen capture of request link.

3. If you will not require the material after a specific date, please enter on the "Pickup Date" line. Comments are welcome. Once complete, select "Send Request."

Screen capture of LIbrarysearch hold request form.


Cancel a Request

1. Select your name in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Select "My Requests" from the dropdown list.

3. Select the "CANCEL" link.

Screen capture of a request with the cancel link highlighted.

4. Finally, confirm the cancellation by selecting the "CANCEL IT" link.

5. A message should appear confirming the cancellation. And the request should disappear. 

Interlibrary loan

Need a book, score, or film that UNCSA Library doesn't have? Sometimes it's faster to order from another library. Go to our page on Interlibrary loan to find out more details.