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Mission and Policies

Library Usage Guidelines

The library supports an environment conducive to learning and academic achievement. Please adhere to UNCSA Policies and the Student Code of Conduct.


The library is a shared space and a certain level of noise is to be expected. Due to this, the third floor, including its study rooms, has been reserved for quiet study. On the other three floors, low level noise such as conversations and group work are allowed. Noise should not be disruptive to others.

Filming and Photography

All filming and photography must be authorized by the University Librarian.


Food is permitted in the building, except in the Listening and Viewing Room (4th floor) and classroom 2209. Please be considerate of others with choice of food in terms of smell, residue and allergies. Any deliveries need to be met on the first floor and not guided into the building. Please dispose of food trash in proper receptacles.

Study rooms

These rooms are for UNCSA student, faculty and staff use only on academic and creative work. Auditions should be held in one of the reservable rooms on the 4th Floor.