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Mission and Policies

Gift Policy

The Library appreciates the consideration and generosity of individuals and organizations interested in gifting materials or monetary donations to the Library. At this time, the UNCSA cannot accept gifts of books, DVDs, CDs or sheet music. For gifts to the Archives, please see their gift policy page. 

When we are able to accept gifts, due to the high cost of reviewing, processing, and maintaining donated materials, the Library can only accept materials on a case-by-case basis under the following conditions:

  • Donations of gift materials are subject to the above Selection Criteria for addition to the Library’s collection.
  • The Library reserves the right to determine whether gift materials will be added to the collections or otherwise distributed at the discretion of the Library. The Library also reserves the right to accept only certain material types from an offered donation that it knows to be of use to the community and that it has the ability to maintain and preserve without additional burden.
  • Generally, the Library will not accept donations of materials that already exist in the library collection.
  • The Library accepts monetary donations for its endowment as well as for specific projects and/or materials. The Library coordinates with university advancement on all monetary donations.