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Visual Art

Research resources for the study of visual art and art history.

Magazines in the Library

The library collects several major art magazines and journals useful for industry news, professional development, inspiration, and historical reference. Most magazine material is located on the 2nd floor. Latest issues will be in the 1st floor browsing area behind the stairs. We've listed only a few titles below — You'll find a lot more content when you browse stacks in the library or search via LibrarySearch.

 Art in American cover ARTnews cover ARTFORUM cover Juxtapoz cover

Digital Access to Art Magazines + News

The library also provides digital access to full-page scans (images included) of many major art and lifestyle magazines. While it's arguably harder to "browse" for content in most digital databases, good keywords can help you find what you're looking for right away (e.g., Damien Hirst, contemporary sculpture, wedding dress, etc.). You can also limit search results by date if you're looking for images from a specific time period.


Use LibrarySearch (or the search bar on the library homepage) to search across multiple publications. Use the links below if you want to look at digital versions of specific titles.