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Visual Art

Research resources for the study of visual art and art history.


Reference resources like these are ideal for a very broad overview of a topic. This is a good starting place if you're investigating a place, historical time period, theme, or art medium that's new to you.


Books and ebooks can provide a more in-depth look at a topic, place, design style, or historical moment. You can search our digital and in-library collections simultaneously by title, author, subject, or keyword via LibrarySearch. Click Advanced Search for additional search criteria (like material type, language, year, etc.).

Research Articles

Search across a large collection of our library databases by entering keywords into LibrarySearch or using the search box on the library homepage; you can also search within a specific database from the linked list below.



If you're not finding what you're looking for, take a second to think about the keywords you're using. Getting too many results or results that aren't relevant? Your keyword(s) might be too general -- Try using greater specificity and/or more search terms. Example: Instead of Russian architecture, try the more specific geographic term (Moscow architecture) or add more keywords to narrow your results (Russian dome construction).