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UNCSA Archives

The archives exists as the institutional memory of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Collection Development Policy

Selection Criteria

Materials are evaluated under the following criteria, on a case-by-case basis:

  • Relation to the history or current activities of UNCSA or affiliated programs and individuals.
  • Intellectual or educational value in support of UNCSA's educational, artistic, and performance objectives.
  • Size, format, and physical condition of materials: Due to limited space and staffing, the University Archivist will evaluate donations based on our ability to properly care for and provide safe access to the materials in perpetuity. Certain material, such as ephemera, may not be accepted depending on assessed historical value and/or physical size.
  • Digital format: We are unable to accept certain types of digital files, particularly where they require specific and/or proprietary software for access.

Changing user demands, emerging creative fields/projects, new courses, a limited budget, and limited space oblige us to take a calculated approach to selection choices. We reserve the right to perform a site visit to evaluate materials before they are brought to the Archives.

Donations to the UNCSA Archives

The UNCSA Archives appreciates the consideration and generosity of individuals and organizations interested in donating material to the collections. Due to considerations of staffing, space, and cost related to processing and maintaining materials, the Archives can only accept materials under the following conditions:

  • Donations of gift materials are subject to the above Selection Criteria for addition to the Archives collection, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Archives reserves the right to determine whether gift materials will be added to the collections or sold/discarded/returned as indicated by the donor in the Gift Agreement Form. The Archives also reserves the right to reevaluate the contents of previous donations based on current collecting priorities. Further details about these processes are laid out in the Gift Agreement Form.
  • All material donations valued over $500 must be independently appraised before donation.
  • Please do not bring materials to campus before discussing your donation with the Archivist.

Deaccessioning of Archival Material

While we do not often deaccession materials from the Archives, we do reserve the right to do so based on careful consideration of the following criteria:

  • Scope: If an item is out of scope of the collection priorities and has limited research value to the UNCSA community; additionally, if future use is not anticipated.
  • Physical Condition: The Archives has limited ability to conserve fragile materials and may deaccession materials that are too fragile to handle. Material that has deteriorated beyond the point of any intellectual or artifactual value may be discarded. Considerations may include availability of resources to conserve and maintain material.
  • Quantity: Space limitations oblige us to keep limited copies (typically three) of certain items. Additional exact copies will be discarded.

Monetary Gifts

Monetary donations supporting the UNCSA Archives are greatly appreciated and help us grow, preserve, and provide greater access to the collections, as well as expanding instruction and outreach efforts. All monetary donations are coordinated with the Office of Advancement.

Gift Agreement Form

Please contact the University Archivist if you would like to make a material or financial donation to the UNCSA Archives. Donations to the Archives must be accompanied by a signed Gift Agreement Form.

Donations to the Library

The UNCSA Library accepts select donations of materials based on their Collection Development Policies. Primary collecting areas are those that support the creative, instructional, and research activities of the University, which is divided into the Schools of Dance, Design & Production, Drama, Filmmaking, and Music, as well as the Division of Liberal Arts and High School.