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Explore and reserve spaces available for study, collaboration, and instruction in the Library & Learning Commons.

Prohibited Activities

Library Event Prohibited Actions:

  1. Propping open exterior doors.
  2. Blocking exit doors and paths.  
  3. Damaging library space, equipment, and furniture (event organizers/department will be held responsible).
  4. Failing to tape down and secure any loose cords, cables, or wiring used for filming / taping.
  5. If an event takes place after the library is closed a person connected with the event must be at the library main doors to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building.
  6. All events must end by their scheduled time, including returning the room to original condition.

Pre-event Procedures

Prior to use of Library Event Space:

  1. Use of alcohol requires the presence of UNCSA police.
  2. Organizers must meet with facilities if furniture is going to be moved, including chairs.
  3. Disposal of food and beverages needs to be arranged with the catering company.
  4. AV needs have to be addressed with the IT Department by the organizers.
  5. Building access needs to be arranged with the BAC (Building Access Coordinator) of the library if the event is during times the main library doors are in a locked state.
  6. A walk thru of the library space is recommended (and may be required) with the library staff and event organizers to secure the use of the space.

Post-event Procedures

Post Event clean-up of Library Event Space:

  1. All furniture needs to be restored to the original layout by the organizers or facilities.
  2. All food and beverage items need to disposed of at the conclusion of the event.
  3. The organizers need to arrange with UNCSA PD to conduct a walk thru to clear the space after the event and ensure there are no unauthorized people in the library.