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Researching Current Events and Hot Topics

This guide will help you find current information about global, social, economic, political topics

Getting Started

Current events are all around us. We can use Google or even ask Siri to call up recent articles for us. But how do know what's verifiable and useful for research? A few helpful hints to find useful and authentic information sources may include: 

-Is there obvious bias and opinion? 

-Does the information seem like it's on a blog site? 

-Can you quickly find information on the author and do they have authority? 

-Does the information come from a major publisher? And if you read it on social media, can you trace the source back to something real? 

Be careful out there! 

What's the term?

Finding the right term can be key to your search. Climate change might also be known as "global warming" and "sea-level rise" depending on the source. To get going on your research, take a moment to brainstorm a few terms that describe your topic. 

Contact your Library Liaison

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