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Researching Current Events and Hot Topics

This guide will help you find current information about global, social, economic, political topics

Using Primo (library discovery search)

The Library has a search interface called Primo. You can search for: 





* Make sure to use facets to the left side of the page to refine your results by date, subject and other options. 

Credo Reference

Credo Reference is a validated version of Wikipedia. When you search here, you are looking into a thousand eBooks at once!

In Credo, you can search for: 


-Subject pages

-Individual eBooks that might be useful

-Use the mind map

Citations for these eBooks are found at the bottom of each page. 


It's okay to use Wikipedia in Library research. It can help you determine terms, sources, and references. However, the text in Wikipedia has to be viewed with a careful eye. The best time to use Wikipedia is when you are starting out, to gain a quick background and possible sources. It is best not to quote or use the written text in Wikipedia because it is written by crowdsourcing.