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Writing Research Papers: How to Find the Help You Need

The Stages of Writing Research Papers

  1. Understanding your assignment details: 
    • Speak with your professor if you have questions. 
    • Types of papers:
      • Narrative: A narrative essay is the same as writing a story.  

      • Expository: This is informative essays that presents a balanced analysis of a topic.  

      • Argumentative: This essay presents two sides of a controversial issue in one paper; you are expected to present a valid argument towards each side without bias using verifiable information and come up with the pros and cons of each argument. 

      • Analytical: Analytical essays involve getting a range of information from different sources and analyzing the different viewpoints from a factual standpoint.  

      • Research Thesis: A larger project, usually required for MFA students, that includes deep research and specific documentation.

  2. Choose the topic: 
  3. Do the research:
  4. Write your paper:

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