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Streaming Services

Audio and Video Streaming Through the Library

Music Streaming Services

  • Alexander Street Press - A collection of databases across dance, drama, film, and music including streaming media, scripts, sheet music, and reference texts. 
  • American MusicListening database of songs by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers and cowboys. Included in the database are the songs of Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, anti-war protests, and more.
  • Classical Music Library - Listening database of classical music recordings.
  • Contemporary World Music - Contemporary World Music delivers the sounds of all regions from every continent.
  • Jazz Music Library - Jazz Music Library is the largest and most comprehensive collection of streaming jazz available online; with thousands of jazz artists, ensembles, albums, and genres.
  • Metropolitan Opera On Demand - Audio and Video access to Metropolitan Opera Performances.
  • Naxos Music Library - Naxos Music Library offers streaming access to more than 130,000 CDs with more than 2 million tracks of both standard and rare repertoire. Over 800 new CDs are added to the library every month.
  • Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries - Database of music, spoken word, natural and man-made sounds.