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Resiliency: Facilitating Group Practice

This LibGuide provides materials to practitioners about facilitating groups.

TEDxHampshireCollege - Jay Vogt - The Art of Facilitation: Changing the Way the World Meets by TEDx Talks

Hampshire College alum Jay W. Vogt founded Peoplesworth, a private practice in organizational development, in 1982 and he has facilitated thousands of meetings and retreats since. Jay is the author of Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach and Board Roles to Board Goals: Creating an Annual Board Workplan. In this talk he discusses the relationship between group meeting structures and the results we get from those gatherings.

TEDx Talks. (2011, November 15). TEDxhampshirecollege - jay vogt - the art of facilitation: changing the way the world meets [Video]. YouTube.

Group Facilitation (Part 1) by Kenneth Kinter

This is the first in a series of videos to help group facilitators. This can be used as an introduction for people new to running groups or as a review for people who have been running groups but weren't formally trained.

Ken Kinter. (2020, May 19). Group facilitation (part 1) [Video]. YouTube.

Group Facilitation Part 2: Game on! by Kenneth Kinter

This is the second in a series of videos about group facilitation and should only be viewed after the first video. This video discusses group dynamics, stages of group and their tasks, group focus, "cutting off" and "drawing out", various tools for dealing with problem situations, and timing issues.

Ken Kinter. (2020, May 19). Group facilitation part 2: Game on! [Video]. YouTube.

Group Facilitation Part 3: Social Skills Groups for People with Severe/Persistent Mental Illness by Kenneth Kinter

This is the third in a series of videos on Social Skills Groups. This video is more specific to social skills groups and how they help people with mental illness and addictions. It focuses on group planning, group techniques, tailoring groups to individual needs, special populations, and documentation.

Ken Kinter. (2020, May 19). Group facilitation part 3: Social skills groups for people with severe/persistent mental illness [Video]. YouTube.

Group Facilitation - Part 4: Legal, Ethical, Cultural, and Moral Aspects by Kenneth Kinter

This is the fourth in a series of videos about group facilitation. This one addresses the legal, ethical, cultural, and moral aspects of group facilitation and the quandaries that can arise from them, particularly when they are not in alignment with each other.

Ken Kinter. (2020, May 19). Group facilitation - part 4: Legal, ethical, cultural, and moral asppects [Video]. YouTube.