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Professional Development



Using Creative Problem Solving (4-week course)
*Requires an external account
Learn how to solve everyday problems using creativity with this online course about hands-on Creative Problem Solving.

Manage Project Communication (45-90 minute course) 
Manage communication for your large-scale group project with digital tools.


PLAN to Succeed (2-minute video)
PLAN to Succeed helps us enjoy a plan coming together. Psychologist Eve Ash shows how when you PLAN, you have every chance of succeeding. Once this video is completed you will have learned that a PLAN consists of picturing the problem or goal to be achieved and constructing the steps and pathways required to get there. 

How to increase productivity at work (10-minute video)
*Requires a Google account
Managing time successfully is essential to ensuring you're as productive as possible. Learn how to boost your productivity with cloud collaboration tools, as well as how mastering prioritisation and delegation can help you maximise your effectiveness at work. 

Creativity in the Workplace (7-minute video) 
Six experts across multiple industries explain the benefits of being creative in your thinking and output along with how it is a universal skill essential for any job.

Critical Thinking in the Workplace (7-minute video)
With the information overload of the 21st Century it has never been more important to think and work critically, our experts discuss how they utilize this skill in their careers.

Working Remotely (13-minute video)
This training program is chock full of tips on how to maximise enjoyment and productivity whilst working remotely including fantastic sections on ergonomics and avoiding distractions in the home.