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Professional Development


Handling a Complainer (2-minute video)
Being surrounded by complainers is hard, but as Peter Quarry points out, there are ways to handle them. You can acknowledge what they’re saying, showing empathy and putting forward positive solutions. If they persist, and especially if you work with them, it is best to ignore them, since what they really seek is attention 

Managing Your own Anger (2-minute video)
Being angry can become a self-destructive habit, causing anxiety and high blood pressure. Psychology expert Peter Quarry says that a healthier way to manage anger is to realize that it is a form of energy. 

Ensuring a Respectful Workplace (8-minute video)
Serena is concerned that the culture in the office lacks basic elements of respect. The issue is addressed head on as members of the team confront Carol about some of the racist and insensitive comments she has made in the past.