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United State Womens History

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Resources on Suffrage in NC

North Carolina was not one of the original 36 states to ratify the Amendment but ratified it on May 6, 1971. The State House of Representatives voted to ratify the ERA on February 9, 1977, with a tally of 61 to 55. These resources chronicles North Carolinian Women's fight for social justice.


Entry from NCPedia "Women Suffrage" 

North Carolina women' played a significant role in the Suffrage movement. This article details the local women that sought change, beginning in 1894 with the formation of the North Carolina Equal Suffrage Association to the General Assembly North Carolina endorsing the nineteenth amendment in 1971.  

National Park Service: North Carolina and the 19th Amendment

Annually the National Parks Service commemorate the role of women in American history. The website reflects women’s contributions past and present and their role in national parks. This article highlights the North Carolinian women’s role in the Suffrage Movement.  

"North Carolina and the Struggle for Women's Suffrage." 

Documenting the American South, UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries, provides articles highlighting the North Carolina women who have pioneered for social justice. Click the blue links in the article to explore more topics about North Carolina women and their impact on history.