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The only limit is your creativity!

General Questions

What is a makerspace?

The UNCSA Makerspace is a space where you can come learn, work and explore new avenues of expression. The space is equipped with 3D printers, sewing machines, large format printers, robotics and coding machines, and more. For the full list, visit the Makerspace page.

Who can use the Makerspace?

Students, staff and faculty, basically the whole UNCSA community are all welcome at the Makerspace. Production related requests, School projects and Class projects take priority.

Where is the Makerspace located?

You’ll find the Makerspace on the Ground Floor of the UNCSA Library. Upon entering the building, It is to the right, passing the elevators and restrooms. You can ask for help at the Front Desk, or simply follow our signs. 

Is there a cost?

We do have some costs associated with 3D and large-formatting printing, when the requests are at large amount. The prices cover cost of materials only.

You can find the 3D printing prices here.

For the 2D printing prices (Epson 9000 plotter) we use the LFP Accounting Tool to calculate according to the image printed. 

What are the Makerspace operating hours?

Please review our calendar for the most updated operating hours or send us an email.

How do I reserve?

For first time users, please book machine space at here, than add equipment at bottom of page to add consultation section accordingly, before check out on your cart. Once you received the confirmation email, your reservation is successes. If you can't add consultation section, meaning our facilitator is not available for the time your choose. 

For return users, please book machine space directly to secure your machine usage.  

Can I 3D-print overnight?

Currently all prints have to be finished during the opening hours of the Makerspace. Overnight printing only permitted upon discussion with our facilitators. 

Is there a limit on how many times I can print or use the Makerspace?

You are welcome at the Makerspace as many times as you need, please remember that Production related requests, School projects and Class projects take priority.

Which equipment do you have?

The equipment tab on our website will inform you on the most updated list of technology available. 

Can I donate materials or tools?

We appreciate your donation, please email us with your ideas.

Materials and Design

Materials and Designs

Are there any restrictions on what I can make?

Please review the Makerspace Ground Rules

Please adhere to Copyright laws and other Legal Restrictions

Please adhere to UNCSA policies

Please adhere to UNC policies

Makerspace guests and users are expected to use the space and equipment with lawful intent and to respect the safety of all the community members as well as the building and equipment. It is prohibited to create anything that will endanger anyone.

What materials can you 3D print with?

PLA - Polylactic Acid

Do you provide materials?

We have a limited supply of filament, paper and consumables. Plan to bring everything you might think you need for your project and email us if you have further questions.

Please bear in mind filament specifications for each 3D printer.

How big can my 3D print be?

Our biggest 3D printer, the Raise3D Pro2, has a build volume of 12x12x23.8 inches (dimensions differ if printing with dual material).

Can you make something for me?

We are a completed student run space, and would like to encourage anyone come in space to learn new things with us, so email us and let’s talk about your ideas!


What classes do you offer?

We currently do not offer any specific regular classes but you can email us and we can start a conversation. If you want to teach a class, we can discuss that as well!

Can you show me how to use the tools and equipment?

Our facilitators will more than happy to show you how our equipment and tools working! Please make reservation on our website reservation page, or email us to let us know what you are interested in!

How do I book an appointment?

We open weekday reservation only, Sunday 2:30-10:30PM for walk ins, you can easily find out our availability on our reservation page or email us to request an appointment.

I have a specific skill I would like to share, can I teach at the Makerspace?

For sure! Please email us and let us know what is that you want to teach, when, what would you need and who is your targeted audience.