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Stage Properties

Research resources for the study of stage properties.

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Searching the Library Collections

Materials in the library are organized by subject. Browsing the art shelves of the library in-person can help you discover new work, materials, inspiration, and connections. Listed below are general call number ranges for prop design at UNCSA Library:

  • NK1700-2195 - Interior decoration; house decoration
  • NK3175-3296.3 - Upholstery and drapery
  • NK2200-2750 - Furniture history and reference
  • PN 2085-2091 - Theatre > Stage and Accessories
  • ‚ÄčTK7800-8360 - Electronics
  • TT180-200 - Woodworking; Furniture making; Upholstering
  • TT201-203 - Lathework; Turning
  • TT205-267 - Metalworking
  • TT300-382.8 - Painting; Wood finishing
  • TT387-410 - Soft home furnishings
  • TT697-927 - Home arts; Homecrafts, including sewing, embroidery, decorative crafts


You can search our digital and in-library collections simultaneously by title, author, subject, or keyword via LibrarySearch. Click Advanced Search for additional search criteria (like material type, language, year, etc.).

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