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Explore available technology in the Library & Learning Commons

The library offers a wide range of technologies for checkout by students. This includes computers and iPads (and hotspots), cameras and camcorders, presentation equipment, microphones and headphones, chargers, cables and adapters. We even offer sewing equipment.

Please note the library offers Lenovo laptop loans for up to one semester with checkoff by school dean.

Lending Durations

Equipment is available for 4 hours, 2 days, or 7 days. 

Location and Assistance

Visit the 1st Floor Circulation Desk or call (336) 770-3270


ERASING DATA, SAVING DATA - The Library is not responsible for any lost or erased work.

  • Save work to a UNCSA IT approved space or a flash drive. Save early! Save often!
  • All data on laptops is erased when they restart, shut down/hibernate, and when returned.

THEFT, DAMAGE, LOSS - The borrower is responsible for all costs up to and including replacement.

  • Do not leave technology unattended or rely on someone else to return it.

RETURNS, RENEWALS - Return to a person & renew at the service desk or online.

  • Do not place technology in any book drop.
  • All items are eligible for renewal one time in person or online.
  • All parts included must be returned in good working order and are subject to replacement fees.


  • To enable off campus laptop login, login before leaving campus. You can log off afterward.

Checkout Requirements

  • A current UNCSA One Card
  • A completed loan agreement that you acknowledge our policies and replacement fees.

Available Items


Cables and Adapters


Type # available Checkout type
HDMI Cable 8 4 Hours 
VGA Cable 1 4 Hours 
DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter 1 4 Hours 
Lightning to HDMI adapter  1 4 Hours 
USB-C to HDMI adapter 2 4 Hours 
USB to USB-C adapter 1 4 Hours 
USB to Ethernet adapter 2 4 Hours 
Mini DP to HDMI Adapter 3 4 Hours 
MicroUSB (MHL Samsung 11pin) to HDMI Adapter 1 4 Hours 
USB-C Multiport Adapter  1 4 Hours 


Cameras, Camcorders, and Accessories


Type # available Checkout type
Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera 2 7 days
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   2 7 days
Panasonic 4K Video Camera HC-WXF991  2 7 days
ZOOM Q2n-4K Handy Video Recorder  3 2 days
Panasonic Lumix 20 mm F-1.7 Lens 2 7 days
USB3.0 Multi-Drive Card Reader  1 4 hours
DJI OM4 Handheld Smartphone Gimbal   3 7 days
PreSonus AudioBox iTwo  2 2 days
Slik Sprint 150 64" Tripod 2 7 days




Type # available Checkout type
Lightning Charging set 3 4 hours
USB-C Charging set 2 4 hours
iMac Magsafe 2 Power Adapter  1 4 hours


Computers and Peripherals


Type # Available Checkout type
Dell Latitude 5430 15 7 days
Lenovo Laptop 24 Up to one semester
Apple iPad 10 7 days
USB Drive 5 4 hours
USB DVD +/- RW drive 1 4 hours
Webcam Full HD 1080 1 2 days
iLock software key for Pro-Tools 3 4 hours


Internet Access Hotspots


Type # available Checkout type
Moxee Mobile Hotspot   10 7 days


Microphones and Headphones


Type # available Checkout type

AT2020 USB+ Microphone

- includes mount, USB cord, case

10` 2 days
On ear Headphones  1 4 hours


Projectors and presentation equipment


 Type # available Checkout type
Eastman Kodak Luma 75 projector
- includes USB and HDMI cord)
7 7 days
Portable Blu-ray /DVD player
- includes HDMI & power cord, remote, case
10 7 days
Presentation remote 1 4 hours
Apple TV Remove
- for use in the library
1 2 days


Sewing Equipment


Type # available Checkout type
Brother Sewing Machine CD6000i  3 7 days