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An overview of library resources and services available in support of the School of Drama.


Best Bets for General/Broad Searching

If you're not sure where to start, you can enter keywords (production title, costume designer name, etc.) into LibrarySearch to search across a large selection of our magazines, newspapers, and trade publications. After you enter your search term, on the left hand filter bar, choose Resource Type > Articles, Newspaper Articles, etc.


If you're looking for something specific (like a review from an international publication or an article from an 1892 issue of the New York Times), or if you're not having much luck with the starter single search box, try searching within specific databases below.

Historical News + Reviews



Still having trouble navigating reviews and criticism? Ask a question or schedule an appointment with your Liaison Librarian!

Journal Articles

Beyond the news resources above, you can also find critical essays and performance reviews in these broader research databases.

Drama News + Journals

Magazines in the Library

The library collects several major theatre journals and magazines. Most of the journals collection is located on the 2nd floor, but latest issues will be in the 1st floor browsing area behind the stairs. We've listed only a few titles below — You'll find a lot more content when you browse stacks in the library.


Digital Access to Drama Journals + News

The library also provides digital access to full-page scans (images included) of many major theatre and arts magazines. While it's arguably harder to "browse" for content in most digital databases, good keywords can help you find what you're looking for right away (e.g., cabaret, Eugene O'Neill, Greek tragedy, etc.). You can also limit search results by date if you're looking for reviews from a specific time period.



Use LibrarySearch (or the library homepage) to search across multiple publications. Use the links below if you want to look at digital versions of specific titles.

Note: Browse to Music, Dance, Drama & Film > Drama for most relevant content.