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Writing About Zombies

Browse the Collection

Materials in the library are classified and shelved by subject area.  Materials on zombies are shelved primarily in the GR call number section.  Books on horror films are shelved in the PN1995.9 call number area.  Be sure to browse both the Reference and Circulating collections in these call number areas.

Reference is on the second floor and  the circulating books are shelved on the third floor.

How to Read a Call Number

For a book with the call number PS3537 T3234 G8 1986b:

The first set of numbers and letters are read alphabetically then numerically:

  • you’ll look for PS after PR

  • then 3537 in numerical order within the PSs

The next set of letters is again alphabetical but the numbers are in decimal order:

  • look for the T

  • then 3234 will come after 31 but before 33.