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Resiliency: Positivity and Self-Care

This LibGuide provides materials about increasing positivity and self-care.

The Missing Ingredient in Self Care | Portia Jackson-Preston | TEDxCrenshaw

What happens if you push yourself too hard? What happens when your body tells you to stop yet, you keep going? Portia shares how self-care brought her back to health and it can help you too. Portia is passionate about promoting a holistic and inclusive approach to self-care that takes into consideration how cultural and social factors as well as experiences of discrimination based on identity markers (e.g. race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation) may trigger one's need for self-care and shape one's willingness--or reluctance---to engage in self-care practices. 

TEDx Talks. (2019, November 5). The missing ingredient in self care | Portia Jackson-Preston | TEDxCrenshaw [Video]. YouTube.

Self-Care in College by MGHClayCenter

What is stress like for college students? Tune in! For more on Self-Care for Resilience, visit:

NOTE: These stories cover a range of topics that some viewers may find sensitive in nature, including feelings of depression and suicidal thinking. Please see below for additional resources on these topics.

MGHClayCenter. (2019, September 12). Self-care in college [Video]. YouTube.

Your Mental Health in College | How to College | Crash Course

There is a lot of stress and anxiety around college, whether you're fresh out of high school or you've decided to go back to school years later. It can be tough to navigate. But, one of the best ways to navigate keeping yourself focused so you can succeed is by being aware of the pitfalls. This way, you can head into your college experience with open eyes and the knowledge of the places and people you can turn to for help.

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A Self-Care Action Plan by How to Adult

Self-care can seem like a daunting task when you've already got a lot on your plate, so let's take a little time to reflect on what works best for you, and make an action plan. 

How to Adult. (2017, May 3). A self-care action plan [Video]. YouTube.

Looking for resources about self-care on your campus?

Contact your university's counselling center or student success center!