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High School Health and Wellness

UNCSA School Resources

UNCSA provides full- time counselors to help students pursuing art careers. By identify stresses, and, explore acceptable forms of emotional expression and behavior, and establish healthy mental attitudes to facilitate both personal and professional growth. 

Art Restart Podcast

In the Art Restart podcast and salon series, the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts explore how creatives around the world are reinventing their fields and building a new landscape for the arts. The podcast can be streamed on AppleSpotify or your listening platform of choice, and captioned interviews are available on YouTube

Tara Rynders is a dancer/choreographer and video artist based in Denver, CO. She is also a full-time registered nurse with over 15 years of experience. She combined her passions for dance and for compassionate care by creating The Clinic(opens in new tab), an organization that through immersive artistic experiences combats compassion fatigue and professional burnout among nurses and fosters stronger connections between nurses, patients and communities. In this interview with Pier Carlo Talenti, Tara delves into how her experiences caring and being cared for in a hospital informed the creation of The Clinic and explains how more moments of back-and-forth empathy between artists and scientists could lead to substantial changes in the healthcare industry and beyond.

For more information, visit the Art Restart website, or click below to listen. 


Dec 12, 2023