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Indigenous Peoples

A guide to help with research on indigenous people internationally, in the US/NC, and locally. This guide has specific focus on the culture and arts of peoples indigenous to NC.

The State of North Carolina has 8 federally recognized Native American tribes. They are: 

An excellent resource on these tribes is found here:

Native Cultural Events of NC

A statewide calendar of cultural events for Native & Indigenous peoples of NC can be found on the site for the NC Department of Adminstration. This includes listings for Pow Wows, and other tribal cultural events.



Town Creek Indian Mound

Town Creek Indian Mound is an unusual phenomenon in the history of North American archaeology.  While most archaeological sites are investigated for a few years before archaeologists move on to new locations, Town Creek, situated on Little River (a tributary of the Great Pee Dee in central North Carolina), has been the focus of a consistent program of archaeological research for more than half a century.