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Classical Ballet

Guide for concentration of classical ballet in the School of Dance

Finding Dance Resources in the Library

Use the LibrarySearch to search for dance materials in the catalog, and our A-Z database List to browse electronic databases and collections.

On the third floor you can browse books about dance under these headings:

  • GV 1580-1799 - Dance
  • GV 1786.32-1790 - Ballet
  • GV 1783 - Modern or Expressionist Dance

Print Books and eBooks

These are a few examples of print and eBooks found in our catalog, by doing a search for terms like ballet or classical ballet, defining the dates as between 2000-2023 and selecting books as the resource type.


Here you can find electronic databases specifically catered to dance. You can find more in our A-Z List, and can also search much of their content using our LibrarySearch.

How to Request Interlibrary Loans

Choose either of the options below to submit a request:

  • Fill out the ILL request form directly based on item type.
  • Check WorldCat for the item you need; in the item record, use the Request Item button to submit your ILL Request.
Consider making a purchase request

If you think that we should have the item in our permanent collection, please let us know by filling out our Purchase Request Form.