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Writing Center / ESL

Writing help and ESL support for all UNCSA students, staff, and faculty.

Hadis Ghaedi







Hadis Ghaedi ( is the co-director of the Writing Center/ESL program at UNCSA. She has been working and teaching ESL/EFL and academic writing courses in higher education for more than a decade. She holds a PhD in the Second Language Acquisition Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research interests include discourse analysis, English academic writing, learners' perceptions, and second language acquisition. She has lived in the US for eight years and is personally familiar with the difficulties faced by international students and English Language Learners. She is on campus weekdays and can meet with you in person or via Zoom.

Nora Streed

Nora Streed ( has been with the UNCSA Writing Center since 2015. She has degrees in both theoretical and applied linguistics as well as Teaching English as a Second Language (University of Minnesota and Winston-Salem State University). She also has many years of experience as a writer, researcher, reporter, tutor, writing coach, and editor. She shares with Hadis an interest in discourse analysis and second language acquisition; and in addition to storytelling, communication, and language, Nora’s interests include art, design, gardening, music, science, and transportation policy. She currently lives in rural Missouri and can meet with you online via Zoom.