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First Year Seminar

What Matters?

Journals and Newspapers

The library subscribes to a number of print journals and newspapers.  Search for them by title in the online catalog.  Newspapers are excellent resources for performance reviews and criticisms as well as providing good historical information.  Journals provide an excellent "snapshot in time" since they cover events as they happen.  The older print journals are excellent sources for period research.

The New York Times is a highly respected newspaper with broad coverage of the arts.  Access information is listed below.

New York Times, Online | Access Online

For last few years, view holdings here

Current 4 weeks are also available in print in the library lobby.

Scholarly vs. Non-Scholarly

Your instructor may require you to use scholarly or peer-reviewed sources.  Scholarly sources are written by experts in a particular field.  They cite their sources through footnotes and bibliographies. Non-scholarly sources are works which are considered popular or more for entertainment than serious research.

Your instructor may require that you not use "popular" or non-scholarly works in your research.  Which of these would be considered "popular" and which is "scholarly"?

People Magazine
The Journal of American History