Interlibrary Loan (ILL)


Interlibrary Loan is a service offered to the current members of the UNCSA community to obtain resources not owned by Semans, thus extending our ability to further support the library’s academic and artistic mission. Conversely, we loan materials to other institutions in need of access to our varied and abundant collection. Interlibrary Loan transactions, including requests for photocopies, are conducted library to library. Please note that all Interlibrary Loan transactions and the use of ILL materials are subject to copyright laws. See: UNC Primer On Copyright Use (pdf).

Charges may be incurred for borrowing, loss of or injury to the material.

Semans Library is pleased to offer Interlibrary Loan for customers of the Main Library and also the Music Library. Interlibrary Loan services, for both Main and Music Libraries, are reserved for students, faculty and staff of UNCSA.

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How to Request

Choose either of the options below to submit a request.

WorldCat Check WorldCat for the item you need; in the item record, use the Request Item button to submit your ILL Request.
ILL Form Fill out the ILL request form directly based on item type.
Policies and Procedures
ILL Borrowing

Please know that a $25 nonrefundable processing charge will be added to your library record if an Interlibrary Loan is not returned within 7 days of the due date. After that, the item will be billed at a flat rate.

Who May Use ILL Services?

Current faculty, students and staff of UNCSA are eligible to use ILL services (high school student may borrow one item at a time); all others, including registered local community cardholders, are not eligible.

What Types of Materials Are Available to Borrow?

Circulating books and photocopies of journal and newspaper articles are the most available items on interlibrary loan.   A few libraries are beginning to loan VHS/DVDs and occasionally dissertations/theses.  Availability of all materials depends on many factors, from the physical condition of an item to copyright policy.  Items not available for loan generally are audio-visual, reference, rare books or special collection materials, bound journals or complete periodical issues.

How Are ILL Requests Submitted?

ILL request forms may be filled out online.  Before doing so, however, check the library’s catalog to verify that we do not own the title.  If we do not own the title, you may fill out an online ILL Request Form.  One form must be completed for each item/title, providing as much information as possible.

WorldCat Check WorldCat for the item you need; in the item record, use the Request Item button to submit your ILL Request.
ILL Form Fill out the ILL request form directly based on item type.

How Much Does It Cost?

Semans does not charge its patrons for borrowing materials, but other libraries may charge for loaning.  Most of the libraries we work with on a daily basis loan free.  However, if you need something from a library that charges and you are willing to pay what a particular library charges for loans, you will be required to pay the charge directly to the loaning library upon receipt of invoice.  There is a place on our ILL form to record the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each request.

How Long Does It Take?

We generally request material from a minimum of 5 libraries within 24 hours of receiving your request.  If the first library listed cannot provide the item, the second library on the list will automatically receive the request, and so on.  Therefore the process could take as few as 5 days or as many as 20 days.

What about Delivery and Pick-up?

Items come to us most often through UPS or US Mail.  Once a request arrives, we will notify you by email or phone that the item is in.  We will hold it at the Main Circulation Desk for 2 weeks (or longer if we hear from you), when it will be sent back to the loaning library.  Failure to respond to an ILL arrival notice may result in future ILL borrowing restrictions.

How Should I Return ILL Material to Semans?

For UNCSA faculty, staff and students who have requested and received ILLs through Semans, items should be returned to the Main Circulation Desk by the due date noted on the ILL wrapper on the front of the book.  If the library is closed, you may return the book through the outdoor book drop just to the right of the library’s front door.  If you are out of the area when the item is due, you may mail it or ship it by UPS (or another carrier) to:

Semans Library, UNCSA
Interlibrary Loan – Access
1533 South Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

Please make sure the item is securely and adequately wrapped for shipment.  Please know that if we do not receive the material, you will be billed a replacement and a billing charge for the item.

NOTE: If you are from another school or county and your library ordered a book from us for you, you must return the book to the library from which you received it.  They will see that we get the material back in a timely fashion.

ILL Lending

We loan circulating items to libraries all over the nation and beyond, if we are able.  Reference books, audiovisuals, bound or single copy journals and permanent reserve items are not loaned by Semans.  We do not charge for loans and rarely charge for copies unless it is for something in excess of 50 pages; then it is $.10 per page for the overage.  The loan period is five weeks and all renewals are considered on a case by case basis, giving favor to the needs of our local constituents.

Interlibrary Loan requests may be made online through OCLC (we are NZG) or you may contact the Head of Access Services.  We normally ship by UPS within a few days of receipt of request, but we mail (as above) and fax (336-770-3271) as well.  Please call between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.