University Archivist Patrice Slattery retiring Oct. 31

Patrice Slattery, the University Archivist will be retiring on October 31, 2017. The University Archives will remain open, operating with reduced access and services, while the University works to fill the vacancy. We appreciate your patience during this transition period.

During her 20-year tenure as University Archivist, Patrice effectively built the University Archives and transformed the state of (U)NCSA’s institutional memory. She arrived at (U)NCSA in 1997 after a grant from Dr. and Mrs. James Semans and the Cannon Foundation re-established the position of Archivist (the only previous archival initiatives at the school were in 1977 and from 1984-1988).

Starting with a storage room filled with boxes and a borrowed office, she set about executing her vision of a robust, organized and preservation-minded series of collections, with physical and digital spaces for access and research. In her work, she carefully preserved the historical context of documents in the Archives while at the same time giving them new life through storytelling and organizing them so they can be easily found and utilized for years to come. She has continually expanded the size and scope of the school’s archival collections, ensured preservation of resources stored on deteriorating analog formats, and developed digital collections to provide access to more than 12,000 digitized photographs and performance history details. Collaborating with the campus community, alumni, volunteers and community members in the work of the Archives, Patrice has perpetually fostered greater engagement with our history and support for historical celebration and initiatives to showcase our institution. In all her time at the University, Patrice’s work has shown great care and an abiding sense of the value of the past.

We would like to extend our thanks and warmest gratitude for the incredible work that Patrice has done over the past two decades in preserving and improving access to our institution’s history.

Accessing the Archives
The University Archives will be open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Jon McNeill, the Archives Imaging Technician, will continue to welcome visitors to the archives for listening/viewing purposes and to browse the reference materials located in the reading room. We also recommend you take full advantage of the archival resources online as well as the early history of the school, A Passionate Preference, by Leslie Banner, for class projects.

Online Archival Resources  Archives Digital Collections


Services Provided 
Jon McNeill will continue to fulfill requests for copies of archives photographs and audio recordings. Jon will also do his best to respond to questions for basic historical information relating to the school’s history (i.e. dates, performance history, former faculty and students). There will be a moratorium put on more complex inquiries requiring extended research in the various record collections until the next archivist is in place. Departments are advised to hold records for transfer to the archives until further notice. The archives is unable to accept donations until an Archivist has been hired.


You can submit your inquires using the "Contact the Archives" form, by email at, or by phone at 336-770-1365.

Contact the Archives

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions at any point during this transition.