Interlibrary Loan (ILL)


Do you need a music book, score, recording, or journal article that UNCSA does not own? You can request these items by using our Interlibrary Services. 

Interlibrary Loan Services are available to current UNCSA Faculty, Staff, and Students that have a valid UNCSA Semans Library account. Through ILL you can borrow music books, scores, and recordings or get copies of music journal articles that are not owned by the UNCSA Music Library, thus extending our ability to further support the Library’s artistic and academic mission.

We borrow materials from libraries in North Carolina and the rest of the United States. We also occasionally borrow materials from libraries around the world. Conversely, we loan materials to other libraries throughout the United States and around the world so they may have access to the wide variety of music materials in our collection.

Interlibrary Loan transactions, including requests for photocopies, are conducted library to library. Please note that all Interlibrary Loan transactions and the use of ILL materials are subject to copyright laws. See: UNC Primer On Copyright Use (pdf).

Music & Media Interlibrary Loan contact:       

Leslie E. Kamtman, Music Librarian  ( | 336-770-1395)

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How to Request

Choose either of the options below to submit a request.

WorldCat Check WorldCat for the item you need; in the item record, use the Request Item button to submit your ILL Request.
ILL Form Fill out the ILL request form directly based on item type.
Policies and Procedures
ILL Borrowing

Who is Eligible for Music ILL Services?

Interlibrary Loan Services are available to current UNCSA Faculty, Staff, and Students who have a valid UNCSA Semans Library account.  All others, including registered Public Patrons, are not eligible for ILL Services.

What Types of Music Materials are Available to Borrow?

The most frequently requested items are music books, scores, CDs, music DVDs, music dissertations, and articles from music journals.  Other types of materials, such as LP records, VHS tapes, bound journals, archival materials, special collections, and reference books/scores, are generally not available for loan.  However, you can always ask.  We will make every effort to find the materials you need.

How are Music ILL Requests Submitted?

Fill out a request form to request a music item that the UNCSA Music Library does not own.  There are five different forms from which to choose.  Please select the one that best fits the type of material you want: article, book, music score, sound recording, video/DVD.  If you are requesting more than one item, please fill out a separate request form for each item. Please provide as much information as possible.  We will contact you if we need more information. 

WorldCat Check WorldCat for the item you need; in the item record, use the Request Item button to submit your ILL Request.
ILL Form Fill out the ILL request form directly based on item type.

If you have any questions about Music ILL, please contact Leslie Kamtman, Music Librarian.

How Much Does It Cost?

We always try first to borrow from libraries that do not charge for loans.  However, some items may only be available from libraries that charge a lending fee.  Lending fees can range from $5 to $25.  (Most are $15.)

On the request form, please specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay to borrow a particular item (even if the amount is 0).

How Long Does It Take?

We generally request material from a minimum of 5 libraries within 24 hours of receiving your request.  If the first library on the list cannot provide the item, the request automatically gets sent to the next library on the list, and so on.  We usually receive items within a week, but the process could take up to two weeks, depending on the number of libraries the request has to go through.

If you have a deadline date by which you need to receive the material, please be sure to specify that on the Request Form. We will make every effort to try to accommodate your request.

What about Delivery and Pick-up?

Items come to us most often through UPS or US Mail.  As soon as your requested item arrives, we will notify you by email and/or phone. Music Interlibrary Loan items will be held at the Music Library Circulation desk for up to two weeks for you to pick up at your convenience.  Interlibrary Loan items that are not picked up within two weeks of your being notified will be returned to the lending library. 

When Should I Return ILL Material?

Due dates will be noted on the item.  Loan periods vary from library to library, and may be anywhere from one week to a month.  Please return Music Interlibrary Loan items to the Music Library when they are due.  If you need items for longer than the given due date, please contact Leslie Kamtman to request a renewal.  Please note that some libraries do not allow renewals.

It is important to return ILL items on time.  Extensive overdues may result in suspension of your ILL borrowing privileges.  In addition, the lending library may suspend loaning materials to all other UNCSA patrons.  We want to maintain a positive collegial relationship with all lending libraries world-wide.

ILL Lending

The UNCSA Music Library lends our circulating music items to libraries throughout the country and around the world if we are able.   We loan music books, scores, and CDs.  We may loan some LPs and music DVDs/videos on a case by case basis.  Individuals not affiliated with a college or university library should make their requests through their local public library.

We do not charge for loans and rarely charge for copies unless it is for something in excess of 50 pages; then it is $.10 per page for the overage. 

The loan period is five weeks.  Renewals are allowed for most items for another five weeks.  Some restrictions may apply for certain items, which will be specified upon lending.

Materials may be recalled at any time for use by our UNCSA patrons.

Music Interlibrary Loan requests may be made online through OCLC Resource Sharing (FirstSearch/ILLiad). Our OCLC library code is NZG. 

We normally ship by UPS within a few days of receipt of the request.  We can also send some items via fax or email. 


Please contact Leslie Kamtman, Music Librarian if you have any questions about Music ILL Lending:

336-770-1395 (phone)
336-770-3271 (fax)