Course Reserves

Course reserves are library or faculty materials held for students at a library service desk or made available through Canvas.

For Students

Visit the 1st or 4th floor Service Desk to access or check out reserve materials. The location of items can be found in the library catalog.
Search Reserves
Loan Period
Typically 4 or 24 hours (set by faculty); materials due outside of opening hours become due 1 hour after library opens.
Reserve items cannot be renewed.

For Faculty

Stream audio/video through Canvas or place materials on physical reserve for in-library use or short term loan; use library materials or your own.
keyboard_arrow_rightOverview / How Course Reserves Work
  • Instructor requests course reserves
    • If using own material, provides it to the library
  • For physical reserves
    • We add the items to the reserves list in the catalog, and place on the reserves shelf
      • Main library – 1st floor service desk
      • Music & Media library – 4th floor service desk
    • Students access by requesting materials at the service desk
    • At the end of the semester, the items are removed from reserves; items belonging to faculty are returned.
  • For streaming audio/video
    • The requestor adds library staff as instructor in course
    • We digitize the content, and embed it in the course
    • Content expires at the end of the semester
keyboard_arrow_rightHow to request Course Reserves

Use the form (above) to request reserves, or contact us (sidebar).

Please place requests for course reserves at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester; we will do our best to accommodate requests after this deadline.

Helpful information to include in the request:

  • Course name and number
  • Academic term of course
  • Materials needed (and if they are available through the library or provided by the faculty)
  • Loan Period for the materials: can be in-library use only, or circulate for 4 or 24 hours.
keyboard_arrow_rightWhat can be placed on reserve?

Any library or faculty materials may be placed on reserve.

keyboard_arrow_rightLoan periods for reserves

The loan rules for course reserves are chosen by faculty when requesting reserves.

  • 4 hour, in-library use of an item
  • Overnight use of an item – check out an item within 2 hours of the library closing and you may keep it overnight. The item is due back within 1 hour of the library opening the next day. If you check out that same item earlier in the evening, the use period is 4 hours in-library.
  • One Day use of an item means that a patron may check out an item any time one day and bring it back by closing the next day.
keyboard_arrow_rightHow/where are Course Reserves delivered/accessed?

Physical Reserves: Held at the 1st or 4th Floor Service Desks. Reserve items can be located through a course reserves search in the library catalog, or by visiting a service desk.

Streaming Audio/Video Reserves: Embedded in your Canvas course.

keyboard_arrow_rightRecurring reserves

For repeating courses, reserves must be requested for each term in order to comply with copyright law.

  • Due to copyright guidelines, all reserve materials are removed from reserve after the semester has ended (exception: courses that are officially two semesters).
  • No items will be kept on reserves beyond one academic year.  
  • Due to copyright guidelines, articles and chapters/excerpts from books can only be on reserve for one semester (with some exceptions for long-out-of-print material). If needed for more than one semester, faculty must arrange with the publisher for permission.
  • For more information on the Copyright Code of the U.S., please visit
keyboard_arrow_rightGuidelines for Photocopies for Reserves (accordion)

NOTE: Copyright guidelines based on Fair Use must be followed (call us at 770-3257 if you have questions about the amount, length, or scope of what is acceptable).

  • Complete references must appear on the first page of each photocopy. References can be photocopied as part of p.1 or handwritten. References can be in any style.
    Book references must include:
    • Author(s)/Editor(s)
    • Complete titles of sources from which the photocopies were made
    • Places of publication
    • Names of publishers
    • Dates of publication

Journal article references must include:

    • Article authors
    • Complete article titles
    • Full names or standard abbreviations of source journals
    • Volumes and numbers and/or issue dates of the source journals

Online references must include:

    • The complete web address for the source
  • Be sure that all readings are titled the same on page one and your reserve list. You may title them anything you want, but we have to be able to identify them on the list.