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Pickle Con 2022

A description and guide to the first annual Pickle Con!


  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Social Deduction Games
  • LEGO
  • Food
  • Student Marketplace
  • Hot Cocoa Bar


Time Location Game Host Player Count Description
1pm to 9pm 2nd Floor Open Space Dungeons & Dragons: Spell Jammer Academy Jason Romney 3-7

You are a new recruit enrolled in Spelljammer Academy where you will be trained under the tutelage of experienced spelljammers, who prepare fledgling spacefarers for the perils of Wildspace and the Astral Sea. Although it's business as usual at Spelljammer Academy, the new cadets soon learn that strange things are afoot!

This game is played in 4 sessions. You can join for any single session or stay for multiple sessions.

*this game will be going all day with changes in players every two hours.

2pm to 3pm 2nd Floor Open Space Durak Dasha Mazaeva 2-5

Card game, one deck, all players play against one another, at the end one looser is named the Durak. A game of chance and calculation.

3pm to 4pm 2nd Floor Open Space Win, Lose, or Draw



4-10 Like Pictionary, but we wouldn't use the game board and pieces. We would just choose cards and a category. We would need a room with a white board and I have colored dry erase markers and a eraser. I also have the Pictionary cards. Two teams are needed.
4pm to 6pm 2nd Floor Open Space Silent Football

Anton Gillis-Adelman

9-15 What do we do here? Once the council is in order everyone is to adhere to the cardinal rule of silence, unless allowed by The Commissioner to speak. After Mr. Commissioner explains the extensive rules of the game, we commence with the passing of the football. Should anyone break a rule, and I assure you they will, members of the council may make accusations. It is the job of the accused to come up with an adequate defense for themselves. A vote is called, but Mr. Commissioner ultimately decides if the accused is awarded a point. Three points to win the game. And I assure you, you don't want to win the game.
4pm to 6pm 2nd Floor Open Space Salem 1692

Molly McCarter

A social deduction game where everyone comes together to figure out who the witches are in their midst by throwing around accusations! This easy to learn game has you trying to figure out who may not be telling the truth as the witches grow in number and take over the town.
7pm to 9pm 2nd Floor Open Space Mysterium Molly McCarter End your night solving a murder as a team using ghostly knocks and messages from the beyond. This easy tolearn game has players working together as a team psychics to decipher the murderer, weapon and location using stange images and pictures.