Lending Policies

Loan Periods & Renewal Limits
  Faculty / Staff Graduate / PAC Students College Students High School Students Public Patrons (limit 5 items)
Books (ML, MT) 16 weeks 4 weeks
Scores: Open Stacks (M) 16 weeks 4 weeks
Scores: Sheet Music Shelving 16 weeks 8 weeks 4 weeks
Scores: Min Scores 16 weeks 4 weeks
Sound Recordings (CDs and Vinyl) 4 weeks 4 weeks (limit 10 items) 1 week (limit 2 items) In-Library Use Only
DVD/Blu-Ray 1 week 3 days (limit 3 items) In - Library Use Only
Reference Materials 1 day In - Library Use Only
Periodicals In - Library Use Only

Note that some materials, such as reference books, bound or single copy journals, magazines, and newspapers do not circulate - that is, may only be used in the library. All circulating materials are subject to recall if needed for the reserve desk or if requested by another borrower.

Borrowing Policies, Renewal Policies, Holds and Recalls for the Music and Media Library are the same as the main library: view here.