Pro Tip

Also try searching specific databases and journals!
While the search box above is a great place to start, no single search can cover every article we have access to in the library. If you're not finding what you're looking for using this page, or if you want to broaden your search, try starting in more specific databases and/or journals relevant to your research/subject area.


Newspaper and journal articles are useful for more current treatment of a subject because they come out monthly, weekly or even daily. You can find a specific article on a particular subject by using an index. The index will list citations which contain information such as the title of the article, the name of the journal, page numbers and publication dates. Write down the complete citation since it is necessary for finding the article as well as for your bibliography. An example of a citation is listed below.

The Art Index (Ref. N1 A7754) and Film Literature Index (Ref. PN1993 F57) as well as the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature (Ref. AI3 R48) are examples of print indexes shelved in the Reference Department on the second floor. The library does not subscribe to all the journals in any index so check the online catalog to see if the library has the journal you need. Current periodicals are shelved in alphabetical order in the periodicals reading area on the first floor and back issues are bound and shelved in call number order on the second floor. The online catalog will provide the call number for the journal as well as a listing of the volumes of the journal in the library.

Example of a journal citation

Subject Heading (in the index): Mount Everest

Everest’s shadow [experience of J. Krakauer]. W. Plummer. il pors People Weekly v47 p 52-7 Je 2′97.

Parts of a citation:

Everest’s shadow – title of the article, W. Plummer – author of the article

il - illustrated, pors – portraits

People Weekly – title of the journal; italicized in many print indexes

v47 – volume 47, p52-7 – page numbers of the article

Je 2, ‘97 – June 2, 1997 – date of the issue in which the article appears

Newspaper citations will include the same types of information.