Interlibrary Loan is a service offered to the current members of the UNCSA community to obtain resources not owned by Semans, thus extending our ability to further support the library’s academic and artistic mission. Conversely, we loan materials to other institutions in need of access to our varied and abundant collection. Interlibrary Loan transactions, including requests for photocopies, are conducted library to library. Please note that all Interlibrary Loan transactions and the use of ILL materials are subject to copyright laws. See: UNC Primer On Copyright Use (pdf).

Charges may be incurred for borrowing, loss of or injury to the material.

Semans Library is pleased to offer Interlibrary Loan for customers of the Main Library and also the Music Library. Interlibrary Loan services, for both Main and Music Libraries, are reserved for students, faculty and staff of UNCSA.

ILL Borrrowing

ILL Lending

For Music Library ILL information, see Music Interlibary Loan (ILL)