Giving to the Library

Financial Gifts

Financial gifts are handled by the University's Development Office.  If you would like your gift to reach the library, please communicate this with the development office.

If you would like to learn more about library needs or future planning that requires support, from collection development to innovative technology, please contact Sarah Falls.

Donation of Materials

We are only able to accept some items, after review.  If you are interested in donating materials:

  • Review the full guidelines prepared below about material gifts.
  • For general library materials, contact Sarah Falls
  • For music and media materials, contact Leslie Kamtman, Head, Music and Media Library.
Full Guidelines

The library collections of the UNCSA Library at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) have been developed to provide students, faculty, staff, and local patrons with the information and materials essential to effective scholarship and inquiry.  Many important volumes, journals, recordings, and other library materials have been acquired through the generosity of donors. It is due to this generosity that the UNCSA Library has developed a library gift policy to help guide prospective donors.

Gifts of books, journals, sound recordings, moving image items, and other materials from individual and corporate donors help to enhance our collections. Usually these gifts qualify as charitable deductions for income tax purposes. The following are the procedures that have been adopted for accepting gifts of tangible property and for determining their value:

  1. The library will accept gifts that strengthen established or defined collections, and which support the mission of UNCSA.
    1. Materials accepted are generally those that the Library would select for purchase if funding were available, given the current shelving capacity of the library facilities.
    2. The Director of Library Services, or, in the case of music materials, the Music Librarian, will determine the acceptance or rejection of any gift. In the case of questions on a Music Library donation, the Director of Library Services will make the final determination.
    3. The physical condition of a potential gift may render it useless for library purposes.  The UNCSA Library reserves the right to reject gifts that are received in poor physical condition.
    4. The UNCSA Library does not actively collect primary source materials such as original manuscripts, letters, diaries, photographs, or original recordings.
      1. Primary source materials are more appropriately housed in a major research library, as opposed to an arts conservatory and high school/college library. In addition, the UNCSA library does not currently have the facilities or staff to adequately catalog, preserve, or shelve such materials.
      2. Staff members will attempt to suggest other libraries to donors who offer materials not clearly useful to the UNCSA Library, or which would be more appropriately housed in established major collections in other libraries.
      3. In the case of materials related to the history of UNCSA, its alumni, faculty, and other pertinent individuals or organizations, referrals will be made to the UNCSA Archivist.
    5. The UNCSA Library cannot use, and will not accept, reel-to-reel tapes, audiocassette tapes, or "78" records. "33 1/3" records will be accepted only in rare instances.
  2. When a gift is accepted it becomes the property of the library.
    1. The library staff is responsible for determining the most appropriate use of the donated material, where it will be shelved or located, and how it will be cataloged, processed, and circulated.
    2. Many books and other materials are simply outdated, duplicative, or of limited use to libraries. Miscellaneous book volumes, scores, recordings, or moving-image materials accepted as gifts but not added to the collections of the UNCSA Library will be offered to other educational institutions; will be made available to charitable organizations such as Goodwill Industries; or will be taken to recycling facilities for disposal.
    3. Acceptance of a multiple-item gift collection is not a guarantee that all items in that collection will be added to the UNCSA Library, nor should it be assumed that any gift collection will be shelved or stored as a separate, "named", library collection.
      1. Generally, multiple-item gift collections will be separated for placement into appropriate library collection areas.
      2. Individual items may also be removed from a multiple-item gift collection and disposed of as outlined in item 2.b.
  3. It is the donor's responsibility to provide an inventory of the gift as well as an estimate of its value.  This is best established through the services of an independent appraiser.  The donor is also responsible for the appraisal fee.  Donors who wish to claim a charitable deduction for a gift must establish its fair market value.
  4. As interested parties in the transaction, the members of the library staff may not appraise tangible gifts.  The staff will provide a form to the donor acknowledging receipt of the gift, but will not assess its value.